Academic Calendar 2017/2018 - Cultural Anthropology

ANTR 2006  Cultural Anthropology


ANTR 1006 or SOCI 1016 or SOCI 1015


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




This course focuses on concepts of culture, methods and current debates related to social and cultural anthropology. Ethnography and ethnology, as distinctive features of cultural anthropology, are used to examine multiple cultural worlds. Issues related to cultural diversity are explored through global and localized perspectives. They include identity, socialization and human development; illness and healing, including ethnomedicine and medical anthropology; family and kinship; social change and domestic life; sexuality and gender; exchange and economic systems; social and political organization; religion, magic, and belief in the context of world religions; language and linguistics as symbolic systems of communication; development anthropology and contemporary cultural change; expressive culture including performance and decorative arts; tourism; and migration.

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