Academic Calendar 2017/2018 - Introduction to Gender Equality and Social Justice

GEND 1025  Introduction to Gender Equality and Social Justice


GEND 1006


Three hours of lecture per week.




This course will introduce students to some of the central themes, debates and issues that shape and inform the program in Gender Equality and Social Justice. In particular this course will foreground the intersections of race, class, sexuality, ability as well as the effects of colonization in order to examine popular issues and controversial debates that have been central to the development of womens studies, gender studies, and equality rights movements. Through an interdisciplinary examination of our systems of knowledge and social institutions, the course will reflect on the way our public and private relationships as well as the quality of our lives continue to be shaped in relation to these systems and institutions. The course offers a range of perspectives on the work, status, and lives of women and men in our local, national and global communities. It also provides an overview of the history of gender through the various contributions of women and men to changing the social, economic and legal status of disadvantaged persons and groups.

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