Academic Calendar 2019/2020 - Power and Resistance in Canada's Past

HIST 1405  Power and Resistance in Canada's Past


HIST 1406 and HIST 1407


Students are limited to a maximum of 12 credits of History at the 1000 level.


Two hours of lecture and one hour of tutorial per week.




This course considers the ways in which the politics, culture and society of northern North America have been shaped by power relations between Natives and newcomers, women and men, French and English speakers, and many others. How was power deployed and resisted in the reshaping of peoples, places and environments in our past? How have encounters between Europeans and Indigenous peoples, and the powerful and the less powerful throughout Canadian history, shaped our country? Students debate such questions in weekly seminars, and will participate in workshops designed to sharpen their writing and research skills. Through this course they gain the ability to critique and better understand their society.

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