Minor in Environmental Science

Graduation Requirements:

A Minor in Environmental Science is available to students pursuing a program of study in a different discipline. Students will need to achieve a minimum 60% average in the 18 credits presented for the Minor. In addition to the requirements listed below, please refer to the Minor Requirements section.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete 18 credits as follows:
ENSC 1006 Introduction to Environmental Science Part 1 3 cr.
ENSC 1007 Introduction to Environmental Science Part 2 3 cr.
ENSC 2006 Topics in Environmental Science OR 3 cr.
ENSC 2007 Topics in Environmental Science II  
In addition, students must complete nine credits from the following
(if not already used to satisfy the above):
9 cr.
Upper level ENSC  
BIOL 2346 Techniques in Forest Management  
BIOL 2446 Ecology  
BIOL 3066 Flora of Ontario  
BIOL 3136 Ichthyology  
BIOL 3147 Herpetology  
BIOL 3277 Animal Ecology  
BIOL 3397 or
GEOG 3397
Introductory Soil Science  
BIOL 3436 Conservation Biology  
CHEM 2046 Environmental Chemistry  
CHEM 2106 Analytical Chemistry  
GEOG 2106 Geomorphology  
GEOG 2107 Climatology  
GEOG 2126 Physical Hydrology  
GEOG 3016 Field Techniques in Geography  
GEOG 3057 Environmental Geomorphology  
GEOG 3056 Spatial Analysis Using GIS  
GEOG 3066 Remote Sensing of the Environment  
GEOG 3086 Principles of Biogeography  
GEOG 3436 Earth Resources  


Students should plan ahead to ensure that they have the correct prerequisites for the courses they intend to take for this Minor.

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