Computer Science (COSC) - Introduction to Computational Geometry

MATH 2216  Introduction to Computational Geometry


MATH 1036 and COSC 1557


COSC 2216


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




The course is an introduction to a broad field of computational geometry. It begins with introduction of the concept of an algorithm, its complexity, data structures, and some implementation methods. Next, a number of classical problems, originated from practice will be discussed. In particular, motivating examples will be presented to familiarize students with various applications of computational geometry, including geography (GIS), engineering (CAD/CAE), game design, robotics, graphics, and simulation. Several algorithms dealing with problems in Euclidean plane, such as convex hull, segment intersection, and triangulation algorithms, will be considered in details. The course involves extensive use of computer software. Students taking this course are expected to have basic computer skills. This course is also offered as COSC 2216.

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