Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Entrepreneurship (iLEAD)

ADMN 4915  Entrepreneurship (iLEAD)


ADMN 2306, ADMN 2606, FINC 3116, MKTG 2127, ORGS 1137 and 4th year of the BBA.


ADMN 4916, SOCI 4126


Three hours of lecture per week.




This course explores the processes involved in turning an idea into a feasible business opportunity. Students begin by generating and evaluating business ideas for new products and services. The next step requires the student to select a promising business idea that becomes the subject for a significant market research project to determine whether the idea delivers sufficient competitive advantage to proceed further. Promising ideas then are developed further into a sophisticated business plan that is ready for presentations to potential investors. Other topics covered include, assessing entrepreneurial potential, buying of professional services, buying of established ventures, franchising, protecting innovative ideas, and some of the typical challenges faced by beginning businesses.

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