English Studies (ENGL) - Contemporary British Literature, 1950 and Beyond

ENGL 3177  Contemporary British Literature, 1950 and Beyond


Six credits of 2000 level ENGL (excluding ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011) or any 45 credits completed (excluding ENGL 1501, ENGL 1502, ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011).


ENGL 3175


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Students examine British writing today and traces its development by looking at the literature of the recent past. The novels, poetry and drama of the late-twentieth-century and early twenty-first are part of a culture’s search for value, after traditional values—such as religion, nationalism, certainties of gender, and a host of other dependable ways of giving meaning to life—have fallen under question or even into disfavour.

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