Specialization - Topics in Literature, Culture, and Sexuality

ENGL 3217  Topics in Literature, Culture, and Sexuality


Six credits of 2000 level ENGL (excluding ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011) or any 45 credits completed (excluding ENGL 1501, ENGL 1502, ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011).


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Students examine the interrelation of literature, culture, and sexuality. In their analyses, students will consider literary texts not as passive reflections of external social reality, but as active contributors to ongoing cultural debates and to the shaping of sexual ideology. Specific content varies from year to year. This course may be credited toward Gender Equality and Social Justice. Students in a Gender Equality and Social Justice program who have not completed the prerequisite may request permission from the Department Chair of English Studies to take ENGL 3217.

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