Major - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

ENGL 2026  Scary Monsters and Super Creeps


Three credits of 1000 level ENGL (excluding ENGL 1501, ENGL 1502) or any 18 credits completed (excluding ENGL 1501, ENGL 1502, ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011)


ENGL 2116 if taken as Topic: Scary Monsters (FW 2020; FW 2021)


3 hours per week




Students learn how the idea of the monstrous changes over time yet remains prominent in contemporary literature and culture. Concentrating on gothic traditions, students trace representations of the monstrous across genres and time periods in order to analyze the ways monstrosity reveals prejudice and the impulse to demonize and marginalize difference. Students employ the skills of close reading and comparative analysis, while learning about modes of intertextuality including reboots, sequels and prequels, and transmediations.

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