Minor - Women, Media and Representation

GEND 2166  Women, Media and Representation


Any 18 credits completed.


FILM 2166, WOMN 2166


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




The body has always occupied a central place in the Western imagination and images of women, in particular, have long been a part of our everyday world. In this course, we will consider the different ways in which women have been represented through various media including popular novels, film, television and magazines. In studying popular representations of women we will pay close attention to the ways in which women are differentially represented along lines of race, class, sexuality and ability. We will review contemporary cultural theories of representation, tools for creating critical cultural analysis, as well as recent debates in feminist media studies. The course will focus not only on how women have been represented by others, but also on how women, in more recent years, have been choosing to influence the means of representation. This course may be credited towards Film and English Studies and a Major in Fine Arts (Art History and Visual Studies stream.)

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