Specialization - Women and Western Religions

GEND 3116  Women and Western Religions


Any 18 credits completed.


RLCT 3116 and RLST 3116 and WOMN 3116


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Christianity remains the most influential and dominant religion of Western culture. Its influence extends far beyond the obvious bounds of the Church. In this course we will focus particularly on the relations of Christianity to sex roles and sexual politics in Western Culture. We will examine the practices and beliefs of Christian religions with respect to sexuality, and the impact they have had on the changing status of women. Students will be introduced to contemporary studies of women and the Church. We will look at recent debates within Feminist Theology and their role in reconceptualizing the place of women in the study of religion and spirituality. This course is also offered as RLCT 3116.

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