Major - Kid Media

GEND 2276  Kid Media


Any 18 credits completed.


GEND 2056 in 2013


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Kid Media begins with the idea that mass media is a powerful and influential socialiser of children today. What is the nature of this influence? How has child development been transformed by the rise of mass media in the 20th century? What does the social media revolution mean for the 21st century child and their educators and caretakers? The course will place equal emphasis on critiquing the dangerous and discriminatory ideas that children learn through the media as well as explore the innovative possibilities being used by educators and childcare workers to engage children in ways that are healthy, meaningful and even exciting. Above all, the course will emphasize critical media literacy as an essential tool for anyone working with and caring for children. This course may be credited towards Child and Family Studies (Group 2).

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