Major - Prisons, Race, & Gender

GEND 2526  Prisons, Race, & Gender


Any 18 credits completed.


GEND 2057 Special Topics when offered as Prisons, Race, & Gender (Fall 2014; Fall 2015; and Fall 2016)


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Students learn critical race/social justice analyses of the prisonindustrial-complex, its interconnection with historical forms of racial rule (colonialism, slavery) and contemporary “wars” on drugs, terror, immigration. Students examine case studies to identify how heteronormativity, racialization, and criminalization, interface. Students analyze how state surveillance, regulation, and punishment (including human rights violations), of individuals within prisons, informs the social regulation of people in everyday life. Students evaluate and debate arguments regarding prison reform, de-carceration, and, prison abolition.

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