Master of Science in Mathematics

Program Requirements

In this option, students complete six (6) 3-credit courses and write a MRP worth 6 credits, normally within one year.

Students in the MRP option complete the following:

Core courses:
MATH 5066 General Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5086 Functional Analysis 3 cr.
Plus four (4) of the following 3-credit courses:
Note that not every course will be offered each year.
MATH 5036 Measure Theory 3 cr.
MATH 5056 Algebra 3 cr.
MATH 5046 Complex Analysis 3 cr.
MATH 5067 Introduction to Algebraic Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5236 Advanced Numerical Methods 3 cr.
MATH 5237 Computational Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5246 Optimization 3 cr.
MATH 5247 Cryptography & Coding Theory 3 cr.
MATH 5256 Graph Theory 3 cr.
MATH 6101 Selected Topics in Pure Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 6201 Selected Topics in Computational Mathematics 3 cr.
In addition to the courses above, students will complete the following MRP course:
MATH 6001 Major Research Paper 6 cr.

Degree Requirements

To graduate with a Master of Science in Mathematics degree, students must:

  1. satisfy all stated requirements for the degree;
  2. complete the specified courses, with a minimum overall average of 70%, and a minimum grade of 70% in each course after no more than one attempt;
  3. not have failed more than one course (failed grades are not counted in the average);
  4. complete a the program within the time-to-completion guidelines in the School of Graduate Studies Regulations document.
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