Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)-Lifespan

Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)-Lifespan

Graduation Requirements:

Available to students in an Honours Specialization, Specialization, or Major in Child and Family Studies or Psychology.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete the following 33 credits:

PSYC 1106 Introduction to Psychology I 3 cr.
PSYC 1107 Introduction to Psychology II 3 cr.
CHFS 2106 Human Development: Children and Youth or  
PSYC 2006 Childhood Development 3 cr.
CHFS 2107 Human Development: Adults and Aging or  
PSYC 2007 Adult Development 3 cr.
CHFS 3036 or
PSYC 3036

Ethics and Professional Standards

3 cr.
CHFS 3136 or
PSYC 3136
ABA I: Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis 3 cr.
CHFS 3137 or
PSYC 3137
ABA II: Advanced Topics in Applied Behaviour Analysis 3 cr.
CHFS 4106 or
PSYC 4106
Assessment and Intervention Planning 3 cr.
CHFS 4205 or
PSYC 4225
Practicum in ABA-Lifespan 6 cr.
Three credits from the following:
CHFS 3116 or
PSYC 3117
Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 cr.
CHFS 3127 or
PSYC 3127
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 3 cr.
CHFS 4206 or
PSYC 4216
Applied Developmental Neuropsychology 3 cr.


The certificate in ABA will be awarded at the time of graduation.

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