Certificate in Neuroscience

Certificate in Neuroscience

Program Requirements:

The certificate in Neuroscience provides students in an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology or an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an opportunity for interdisciplinary research that considers the processes of the brain at all phylogenetic levels.

Students must complete all of the following within the BSc Honours Biology or BSc Honours Psychology:
BIOL 1006 Introduction to Molecular and Cell Biology 3 cr.
BIOL 2206 Introduction to Biochemistry 3 cr.
BIOL 2706 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3 cr.
BIOL 4557 Developmental and Behavioural Genetics 3 cr.
CHEM 1006 General Chemistry I 3 cr.
CHEM 1007 General Chemistry II 3 cr.
PSYC 1106 Introduction to Psychology I 3 cr.
PSYC 2605 Behavioural Neuroscience 6 cr.
PSYC 2906 Sensation 3 cr.
One of:   3 cr.
PSYC 3506 Neuropharmacology  
PSYC 4616 Neural Bases of Consciousness  
PSYC 4706 Advanced Neuroanatomy  
One of:   3 cr.
BIOL 3717 Animal Behaviour or  
PSYC 2206 Learning I  
One of:   6 cr.
BIOL 4995 * Thesis or  
PSYC 4105 * Senior Empirical Thesis  
The following courses are highly recommended:
BIOL 2557 Genetics  
BIOL 2707 Human Anatomy and Physiology II  
CHEM 2106 An Introduction to Analytic Chemistry  
CHEM 2306 Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 2307 Organic Chemistry II  

* The thesis must be conducted in a Neuroscience area.


All certificates are awarded at the time of graduation.


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