Specialization in Gender Equality and Social Justice

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Arts (four-year) degree requirements, which include regulations on first year and subject maximum and breadth requirements.

Program Requirements:

Students will need to achieve a minimum 60% average in the 54 credits presented for the Specialization in Gender Equality and Social Justice.

Students must complete the required 3 credits of introductory GEND with a minimum grade of 60%.

Students must complete 120 credits including 54 credits in the Specialization as follows:
GEND 1000 level   3 cr.
Group 1   6 cr.
Group 2   6 cr.
Group 3   6 cr.
GEND 3306 Ideas of Power 3 cr.
GEND upper level courses or courses cross-listed with GEND 30 cr.

Breadth Requirements and Electives:

ACAD 1601   3 cr.
Humanities   3 cr.
Science   6 cr.
Electives   54 cr.


A maximum of 18 credits of cross-listed courses may count towards a Specialization.

Group Requirements:

Group 1 Culture and Criticism
GEND 2026 Makeover Culture  
GEND 2047 Gender and Social Media  
GEND 2056 Selected Topics in Culture and Criticism  
GEND 2166 Women, Media and Representation  
GEND 2217 Gender and the Media: Themes and Controversies  
GEND 2276 Kid Media  
GEND 2337 Gender and Film  
GEND 2376 Selected Topics in Kid Media  
GEND 2336 Women in Cinema  
GEND 2306 Art and Social Justice  
GEND 3046 Queer Media  
GEND 3076 Reality TV and the Politics of Difference  
GEND 3117 Gender, Sex, and the Bible  
GEND 3205 Philosophy of Sex and Love  
GEND 3326 Virtual Animals  
Group 2 Power and Inequality
GEND 2086 Animal Rites  
GEND 2155 Selected Topics in Power and Inequality  
GEND 2175 Social Justice in Practice (Practicum)  
GEND 2246 Transforming Harm: Case Studies in Transformative Justice  
GEND 2286 Contagion  
GEND 2316 Masculinities, Money, and Media  
GEND 2516 Violence, Race and Law  
GEND 2526 Prisons, Race, and Gender  
GEND 2536 Tourism, Pleasure, and Power  
GEND 3026 Women and World Religions  
GEND 3047 Dark Ecology  
GEND 3056 Selected Topics (Advanced) in Power and Inequality  
GEND 3066 Invasion and Resistance  
GEND 3116 Women and Western Religions  
GEND 3136 Masculinities and Power  
GEND 3236 Memory and Violence  
GEND 3246 Madness and Medicine  
GEND 3306 Ideas of Power   
GEND 3316 Race, Murder, and Media  
Group 3 Human Rights and Social Justice
GEND 2036 Environmental Justice  
GEND 2057 Selected Topics in Human Rights and Social Justice  
GEND 2067 HIV/AIDS: Health and Social Change  
GEND 2147 Bodies, Borders, and Belonging  
GEND 2157 Case Studies in Gender and the Law  
GEND 2187 International Human Rights  
GEND 3036 Global Social Movements  
GEND 3057 Selected Topics in Human Rights and Social Justice  
GEND 3086 Women and HIV  
GEND 3127 Gender, Globalization and Human Rights  
GEND 3207 The United Nations and the Responsibility to Protect  
GEND 3227 Justice after Atrocity  

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