Evaluation and Grading System

Grades and the Basis for Assessment

Letter Grades and Grading Standards
“A” (80-100%)  
“B” (70-79%)  
“C” (60-69%)  
“D” (50-59%)  
“F” (0-49%)  

“A”  indicates Exceptional Performance: comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the principles and materials treated in the course, fluency in communicating that knowledge and independence in applying material and principles.

“B”  indicates Good Performance: thorough understanding of the breadth of materials and principles treated in the course and ability to apply and communicate that understanding effectively.

“C”  indicates Satisfactory Performance: basic understanding of the breadth of principles and materials treated in the course and an ability to apply and communicate that understanding competently.

“D”  indicates Minimally Competent Performance: adequate understanding of most principles and materials treated in the course, but significant weakness in some areas and in the ability to apply and communicate that understanding.

“F”   indicates Failure: inadequate or fragmentary knowledge of the principles and materials treated in the course or failure to complete the work required in the course.

“INC”   indicates Incomplete.

“WDR” indicates Withdrawal with permission.

Aegrotat Standing

Aegrotat standing (credit granted with incomplete course work) will be considered only in exceptional circumstances (usually only in cases of very serious illness) and if work has been of high quality.

Determination of Final Grades

  1. A student’s grade in each course will be based upon the year’s work and the final examination (if required);
  2. The instructor will discuss with the class the basis for assessment specifying the relative weight of each examination, test, in-class activity and written assignment;
  3. The instructor will also specify which assignments must be completed in order to receive a grade in the course; penalties for late assignments should be clearly stated in each course;
  4. The method of determining final grades is to be discussed with students within the time frame Senate has approved for late course registration;
  5. The instructor must inform students of their standing prior to the date for honourable withdrawal from the course. If no written term work has been evaluated by that date, the information shall be given in the form of a written statement of the student’s standing;
  6. The instructor is required to return to students all written work, other than final examinations, which has been submitted for evaluation purposes. Students may discuss with their instructor the work presented, the comments made, and the grade assigned;
  7. For each course, faculty will enter their final grades into the Student Information System (SIS) within seven (7) days of the date a final exam was written for an on-campus course, and within fourteen (14) days of the date the final exam was written for alternative delivery courses. For courses where no final exam was scheduled, final grades must be submitted within seven (7) days of the last day of classes in the session.  Once the Dean has approved the marks submission, grades will be available for viewing on the SIS. The Dean’s approval indicates that the marks submission is consistent with existing practices and policies of the Faculty. Revisions to any previously assigned grade are submitted in writing for the approval of the Dean, together with the reasons for such revisions. Grades are not official until they have been approved by the Dean and released by the Office of the Registrar;
  8. The final marks issued by Nipissing University are the only ones accepted as binding.

Incomplete Grades

In exceptional circumstances, a student may request consideration for an Incomplete grade (INC). Such request must be submitted, through the Instructor to the Dean, together with the reasons for the request.

Any student assigned an Incomplete grade must normally complete all course requirements within 30 days after the end of the examination period or the last day of the course if there is no final examination for that course. If after that period the course is not completed, a grade of zero will be assigned to those components not completed.

Release of Final Grades

Final Grades will be withheld from any student who has an outstanding account at the University or Library and such students will forfeit their right to appeal grades.

Grade Appeals

Please refer to the Discipline and Appeals section of the Calendar.


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