Graduate Funding

Graduate funding comes from a number of sources including external grant scholarships,faculty research grants, Nipissing University Graduate Scholarships, Research Fellowships, and Graduate Assistantships. The School of Graduate Studies will send out details of funding offers with the initial offer packages sent by the Office of the Registrar.

Applicants receiving an offer of admission and/or funding are expected to review, be aware of, and comply with the information provided. By accepting the offer of admission and funding, applicants acknowledge:

  • they understand and will comply with the information outlined in the document, including but not limited to: the terms and conditions of admission; and terms, conditions and eligibility for funding; and
  • the information provided to the university is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate, true and compliant with university policy.

Validity of Offer of Admission and Funding

The offer of admission and funding expire after the response deadline. After this date, the offer of admission and funding will no longer be valid. The acceptance is not valid without completing all requirements outlined in the offer of admission, including the payment of any deposit required and the fulfillment of any conditions of admission. The offer of admission and funding will clearly outline the program of study, term of admission, full or part-time status, and funding.

For further information on all sources of funding please contact the School of Graduate Studies at

Continuation of Funding

Continuation of funding from the University is dependent on maintaining good academic standing, high-quality research performance (where applicable) and availability of funds. Students who withdraw, change to flex-time status, change programs, change research topics or supervisor, or fail to complete a term, may no longer be eligible for funding.

Funding for International Students

There are limited funding opportunities available for international students at Nipissing University. In order to obtain a study permit, international students must submit evidence of having enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses. Therefore, it is expected all international students attending Nipissing will be able to support themselves and any dependents during their studies.

Payment of Graduate Awards and Funding

Assistantships, such as the GRA and GTA, are coordinated through the graduate program and the School of Graduate Studies and are paid to students on a term-by-term basis.  Students are required to complete all appropriate paperwork as assigned by the School of Graduate Studies and Human Resources. Payments are made on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and processed by Human Resources. Time sheets indicating the numbers of hours worked per week will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies on the last day of each month.

Scholarships from the School of Graduate Studies are paid in three equal instalments (September, January, May) and are distributed by the Finance department.

Fellowships from graduate faculty are paid in three equal instalments (September, January, May) and are distributed by the Finance department.

Taxation of Awards and Funding

Employment, in the form of Graduate Assistantships, is taxable and will be subject to deductions at source for income tax purposes, such as EI and CPP.

Scholarships, fellowships and awards are not subject to source deductions for income tax, EI and CPP. This may not eliminate a student’s own tax obligations and students may wish to set aside funds to cover any possible tax requirements.  The university recommends students retain all funding documentation records.

Tuition and Fees

By accepting an offer of admission, it is understood that the student has reviewed the information and agrees to pay in full the tuition and fees applicable to the program and full-time or part-time status. Information on tuition and fees can be found on our website at

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