Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Graduation Requirements:

This certificate is available to any graduating student who has otherwise met the requirements for the certificate.

The certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation will be awarded at the time of graduation.

Program Requirements:

The certificate consists of 15 credits from the following courses:
POLI 2117 Protests, Power & Politics 3 cr.
POLI 2306 The Origins of International Relations 3 cr.
POLI 2307 The Cold War and After 3 cr.
POLI 2316 Negotiating International Agreements 3 cr.
POLI 2607 On Conflict Resolution 3 cr.
POLI 2707 Canada and the World 3 cr.
POLI 3126 Extremism and Armed Conflict 3 cr.
POLI 3216 Post-Conflict Stabilization, Reconstruction and Reconciliation 3 cr.
POLI 3226 American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century 3 cr.
POLI 3236 Conflict, Power and Persuasion: Indigenous Negotiations in Canada and Beyond 3 cr.
POLI 3256 Multiculturalism in Canada and the World 3 cr.
POLI 3316 International Peacemaking, Peacebuilding & Peacekeeping 3 cr.
POLI 4006 Diplomacy 3 cr.
UNIV 3006 Experential Learning for Arts and Science Students 3 cr.

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