iLEAD Business Experience Certificate

The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate

Program Requirements:

The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate will be awarded to Business students (BBA and BComm) at the time of graduation.  Students must successfully complete 15 credits as follows:

Nine credits from the following: 9 cr.
ADMN 3096 Canadian Academic Internship (iLEAD)  
ADMN 3146 International Exchange Study Project (iLEAD)  
ADMN 3336 Special Projects (iLEAD)  
ADMN 3337 Field Placement I (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4336 Directed Studies (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4337 Field Placement II (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4335 Honours Thesis (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4146 Community Organization Internship (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4155 International Academic Internship (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4165 Intercultural International Internship (iLEAD)  
ADMN 4346 Field-Based Consulting Project (iLEAD)  
UNIV 2011 Introduction to Community Service-Learning  
Six credits of upper level Business (ADMN, ACCT, ECON, MKTG, ORGS, and/or TMGT).

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