iLEAD Business Experience Certificate

The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate

Program Requirements:

The iLEAD Business Experience Certificate will be awarded to Business students at the time of graduation.  Students must successfully complete 15 credits as follows:

Nine credits from the following:  
ADMN 3096 Canadian Academic Internship (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 3146 International Exchange Study Project (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 3336 Special Projects (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 3337 Field Placement I (iLEAD) 3 cr. 
ADMN 4146 Community Organization Internship (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 4165 Intercultural International Internship (iLEAD) 6 cr.
ADMN 4306 Management Consulting I (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 4307 Management Consulting II (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 4335 Honours Thesis (iLEAD) 6 cr.
ADMN 4336 Directed Studies (iLEAD) 3 cr. 
ADMN 4337 Field Placement II (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 4346 Field-Based Consulting Project (iLEAD) 3 cr.
ADMN 4915 Entrepreneurship 6 cr.
Six credits of upper level Business (ADMN, ACCT, ECON, MKTG, ORGS, and/or TMGT).

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