Certificate in Game Design and Development

Certificate in Game Design and Development

Program Requirements:

This certificate is restricted to students completing a Mathematics or Computer Science program and will be awarded at the time of graduation.

This certificate will prepare students for employment in industries that require skills in advanced programming, software engineering, design, and algorithm development. It will also provide students with both the theoretical and practical background necessary to design and implement sophisticated game-related computer applications, as well as many other types of software.

In order to be admissible to the certificate students must have completed the following courses: MATH 1037, MATH 1056, COSC 1557, and COSC 1567.

Students must complete 18 credits as outlined below, with at least 12 credits from the group of Core Courses.

In order to complete the Certificate, students must maintain a minimum 60% average on the 18 credits of Certificate courses.

Core Courses
COSC 2406 Introduction to Game Design and Development 3 cr.
COSC 2767 Object-Oriented Programming 3 cr.
COSC 3207 Computer Graphics 3 cr.
COSC 3307 3D Computer Graphics 3 cr.
COSC 3406 Advanced Game Design and Development 3 cr.
Optional Courses
COSC 2106 Machine Structures I 3 cr.
COSC 2107 Machine Structures II 3 cr.
COSC 2667 Operating Systems I 3 cr.
COSC 3007 Artificial Intelligence 3 cr.
COSC 3706 The Computing Profession 3 cr.
COSC 4406 Software Engineering 3 cr.

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