Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environment and Sustainability

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environment and Sustainability

Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate with the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environment and Sustainability, students must obtain a minimum overall average of 60% on all courses presented for the diploma.

Program Requirements:

To graduate with a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environment and Sustainability, students must complete 48 credits as follows:

18 cr. Post-Baccalaureate Core:                                                                                                                 

GEOG 2107 Weather and Climate 3 cr.
GEOG 2226 Environment and Society 3 cr.
GEOG 3196 Snow and Ice Hydrology 3 cr.
GEOG 3397/BIOL 3397     Introductory Soil Science                             3 cr.
GEOG 4326 Environmental Hydrology 3 cr.
ENST 5116 Perspectives on the Environment           3 cr.

12 cr. Environmental Studies and Indigenous Perspectives:                                                                                           

INDG 2006 or

INDG 2007

Indigenous Places – Changing Landscapes or                

Land-as-Home & Indigenous Well-being

3 cr.
GEOG 3436 Earth Resources                                                            3 cr.
GEOG 4807 Natural Resource Management 3 cr.
GEOG 4437 At Risk: The Geography of Environmental Hazards   3 cr.

9 cr. Digital Techniques:                                                                                                                                               

GEOG 2017 or

ENST 5126

GIS and the Earth from Space or

Geomatics for MES/MESc Graduate Students

3 cr.
GEOG 3056 Spatial Analysis Using GIS                                    3 cr.
GEOG 3066 Remote Sensing of the Environment                             3 cr.

Plus 9 credits of the following (if not already used to satisfy above):

Upper level GEOG*    3 cr.
INDG 2006      Indigenous Places – Changing Landscapes                     3 cr.
INDG 2007 Land-as-Home & Indigenous Well-being                       3 cr.
PHIL 2717 Environmental Ethics 3 cr.
ANTH 3006 Anthropology of Development in the Canadian North 3 cr.
ANTH 3027 Indigenous People and the State 3 cr.
ANTH 4106 Multispecies Ethnography 3 cr.

*Students will be provided with a reccomended list of GEOG options each year based on course availability and content.

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