Classical Studies (CLAS) - Women in the Roman World

CLAS 3097  Women in the Roman World


CLAS 3095


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




This course explores the lives of women in the ancient Roman World through a critical examination of a wide variety of historical evidence, including archaeology and visual art. Women of all socio-economic classes will be investigated. Some of the topics may include women's place and role in the family, in law, in the economy, in religion, their representation in literature and art, stereotypes, values and norms of behaviour, categories of gender and male-female dynamics as well as the impact of slavery on women's lives. Attention will also be paid to the difficulties in attempting to uncover 'real Roman women' from evidence that is almost exclusively written by upper-class males. The course also explores the similarities and differences between ancient and contemporary notions of female identity and the position of women in society. This course may be credited towards Gender Equality and Social Justice and History.

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