Education (EDUC) - Alternative Education

EDUC 1725  Alternative Education






Alternative Education utilizes a variety of delivery models combined with an understanding of student needs to assist students who are not learning in a traditional setting. The main objective of Alternative Education is to familiarize candidates with strategies that are relevant, meaningful, and practical for the alternative education learner. Successful completion of this Additional Qualification course will enable candidates to deliver an Alternative Education program with an increased awareness of: * The impact of the social circumstances of the learner's lifestyle on their capacity to participate and succeed. * The role of advocacy and communication in support of alternative education program and students. * The role of the teacher as a facilitator. Specifically, this additional qualification course will be delivered in 4 modules: Theoretical Foundations of Alternative Education, Instructional Strategies, Program Development and Implementation and Assessment and Evaluation models. Opportunities for professional reading, reflection, dialogue and expression are also integral components of the course.

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