Education (EDUC) - Curriculum Studies 2 (Primary/Junior) Part I

EDUC 4158  Curriculum Studies 2 (Primary/Junior) Part I







Physical and Health Education - an examination of curriculum components that constitute a balanced health and physical education program for children in the Primary and Junior division with special emphasis on Aboriginal lifestyles and communities; participation in activities that promote growth in the four developmental channels of physical and health education; an investigation of current approaches designed to meet individual needs of children. Visual Art - an introduction to art education with a focus on the interdependent relationships among contemporary art education, philosophy, psychology, methodology and art content with special emphasis on Aboriginal art perspective; studio activities which will provide first-hand experience with a variety of art materials, tools processes and techniques pertinent to the classroom. Music - a study of music curricula which promotes aesthetic development through experiences in singing, playing, listening, creating, moving and dramatizing; an examination of systems which develop the skills of reading and writing the language of music; the study of traditional Aboriginal music taken from a variety of Aboriginal cultures.

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