Education (EDUC) - Curriculum Studies 3 (Primary/Junior) Part II

EDUC 4169  Curriculum Studies 3 (Primary/Junior) Part II







A continuation of the study of Math- the underlying structures and unifying principles of mathematics; the development of basic mathematical concepts in students in the Primary and Junior Division; an investigation of current approaches which link mathematical understanding to development in children. Science - the underlying structure and framework of principles and concepts of science and technology; the development of science processes and attitudes; an examination of Aboriginal perspectives on the environment; an investigation of current approaches and instructional strategies which link scientific understanding to child development. Social Studies - fundamental concepts and instructional strategies in Social Studies in the Primary and Junior Divisions; developing an understanding of the relationship of earth's peoples with their social and physical environments in the past and present focussing on Canada's First Nations and their relationship within their own communities and within the country as a whole; promoting insights into the global community and its implications for the life of today's pupil.

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