Honours Specialization - Selected Topics in Roman History and Culture (Honours)

CLAS 4417  Selected Topics in Roman History and Culture (Honours)


CLAS 1007 plus three additional CLAS upper-level credits


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




This course which is taught together with CLAS 3417 focuses on a specific topic in the social and cultural history of ancient Rome not covered in other 3000 level courses and chosen in conjunction with the interests of faculty and students. Such topics might include but will not be limited to the Roman Revolution, Roman imperialism, Rome?s interaction with barbarians, Roman spectacle and gladiatorial games, or Roman science and technology. The selected topics will vary from year to year. Students enrolled in 4417 must submit a research proposal on a related topic and are required to enroll in CLAS 4427 where they will be expected to complete a major research project related to the selected topic.

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