Major - Native Creativity and the Arts

NATI 2025  Native Creativity and the Arts


NATI 1005 or permission of the instructor.


Three hours of lecture per week.




This course explores the roots of Native creativity from its earliest observable forms and expressions to the introduction and worldwide acceptance of Native creative and artistic works in the visual arts, in literature (including drama and film) and in music. In many traditional Native cultures, the creative process has been seen as an integral part of everyday life. Functional creations spawned from daily activities are often items of ingenuity, grace and beauty. These and other creative expressions will be examined in detail, noting the wide variety of forms, materials, styles, regional variations and significant periods. The burgeoning world of Native expression in the contemporary arts scene in Canada will also be highlighted. Major Native artists and accompanying trends will be studied to reveal the ever-changing and highly respected world of the Native creative spirit. This course may be credited towards a Major in Fine Arts (Art History and Visual Studies stream).

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