Specialization - Introduction to Genocide

HIST 1206  Introduction to Genocide


HIST 1017 if taken in 11FW or 13FW


Students are limited to a maximum of 12 credits of History at the 1000 level.


Two hours of lecture and one hour of seminar per week for one term.




This course surveys the history and practice of genocide as it has occurred in the modern world. Beginning with an examination of Raphael Lemkin's 1943 definition of genocide, the course examines chronologically and thematically, various instances of genocide in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. The course explores the role of the nation-state, imperialism, colonialism, racism, war, and other factors in understanding the evolution, implementation, and consequences of genocide. It also considers the history of victim and perpetrator groups and their relationship to one another. The objective of this course is to offer students an introduction to the brutalizing effects on real people of modern ideologies and their link to state sponsored genocide in the twentieth century.

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