History (HIST) - Modern France

HIST 3106  Modern France


Twelve credits of History with at least 3 credits at the 2000-level; or any 54 credits completed.


HIST 2506


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




This course is a survey of the history of France since 1789. Topics may include: The Enlightenment and the Roots of Revolution; 1789, Republic, Terror, Thermidor; Napoleon; Congress of Vienna; the Restoration; the Revolution of 1830; industrialization; 1848; Louis Bonaparte; the Franco-Prussian War; the Paris Commune; the Third Republic; Triple Entente; the causes of World War I; France in World War I; Versailles; the Interbellum; French women during the 20th century; the welfare state; European unification; the Fourth Republic; decolonization; de Gaulle and the Fifth Republic; 1968; Mitterand; Chirac.

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