Nursing (NURS) - Functionality of Mind, Body, and Spirit I

NURS 1276  Functionality of Mind, Body, and Spirit I


NURS 1176, NURS 1187, and NURS 1195


NURS 1295 and NURS 1287


This course is restricted to students enrolled in the BScN-SPP program.


Twelve hours of instruction per week for three weeks; integrated with NURS 1295 and NURS 1287.




Students explore and question the challenges faced by the future nurse as beginning scholar-practitioners from the perspective of Functionality of Mind, Body and Spirit and related concepts as below: Learners refer to previous knowledge, inquiry and practicum experience to deepen the embodied experience of nursing by transitioning to novice practitioners. Learners recognize that health care needs and the nurse's practice must account for growth and change of the whole person over the lifespan.

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