Nursing (NURS) - Nursing across the Lifespan 2

NURS 4436  Nursing across the Lifespan 2


NURS 3036, NURS 3536, NURS 3707, NURS 3117; and NURS 3007 or NURS 3517 or NURS 3207 with minimum grade of 60% or SAT


NURS 4446


This course is restricted to students in the on-campus BScN program or the on-campus RPN-BScN program


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Students examine complex concepts that are unique to caring for the older adult as they move through later life. Students explore nursing and health care considerations for individuals and their families from perspectives of health promotion, self-management, palliation, and interprofessional collaboration. Students analyze the wider health and social challenges that impact individuals in the ageing process.

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