Nursing (NURS) - Qualitative Health Research

NURS 3116  Qualitative Health Research


All NURS courses at the 2000 level in the on-campus BScN program with a minimum grade of 60% or SAT; or NURS 2517, NURS 2707, NURS 2047, NURS 2036, with a minimum grade of 60% or SAT, ACAD 1601 and enrolment in the on-campus RPN-BScN program


NURS 4016, NSGD 4016


This course is restricted to students in the on-campus BScN program or the on-campus RPN-BScN program.


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Students revisit relevant research paradigms and are introduced to the research process and core concepts of qualitative health research. Students explore and apply research ethics, principles of the research process and practising evidence-informed nursing as they relate to qualitative health research methodologies. Emphasis is placed on the application of research to nursing practice in relation to qualitative research methods.

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