Honours Specialization - Senior Research Seminar

PSYC 4215  Senior Research Seminar


PSYC 3356 or CHFS 3035. Restricted to student in the fourth year of the Honours Psychology program.


PSYC 4105, PSYC 4115, CHFS 4005, CHFS 4105, CHFS 4505


Three hours of seminar per week.




This course is a non-empirical investigation of an issue or problem in psychology. In consultation with the course instructor, the student will choose an appropriate topic and write a major paper using one of the following approaches: A critical review of their selected topic or the development of a research question which will be addressed by an examination of the relevant literature. Each student will also prepare a prospectus of their paper which will be presented to the class. The course instructor provides advice and evaluates the student's performance in carrying out the research and evaluates the final paper. Students are expected to work independently on their research paper outside of class time.

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