English Studies (ENGL) - Vice and Folly: The Age of Satire, 1660-1730

ENGL 3097  Vice and Folly: The Age of Satire, 1660-1730


Six credits of 2000 level ENGL (excluding ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011) or any 45 credits completed (excluding ENGL 1501, ENGL 1502, ENGL 2001, ENGL 2011).


ENGL 3095


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




“Satire,” wrote Jonathan Swift, “is a sort of Glass, wherein Beholders do generally discover every body’s Face but their Own.” At once despondent and ironic – satiric, really – Swift’s statement points to a central question that haunted the practice of satire even in the era when it most flourished: what’s the point of it? Students examine this question through a close consideration of theory and practice in the Age of Satire. Particular attention is given to works by Dryden, Swift, and Pope.

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