Geography (GEOG) - Biogeochemistry of the Anthropocene

GEOG 4516  Biogeochemistry of the Anthropocene


One of: CHEM 2506, GEOG 2126, GEOG 3397, BIOL 3397, GEOG 4326


BIOL 4516, CHEM 4516, ENSC 5516


3 hours per week




Students explore the cycling, transport and fate of nutrients, carbon, and contaminants in surface and groundwater systems. Humans are disrupting nutrient and carbon cycling on ecosystems at various scales. Students focus on the physical and chemical processes in natural waters, as well as how wetlands, landscape disturbances, and climate change impact water quality. This course is also offered as BIOL 4516 and CHEM 4516.

This course can be taught together with ENSC 5516 Biogeochemistry of the Anthropocene, with undergraduate students being subject to different assignments and evaluation criteria than graduate students. 

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