Nursing (NURS) - Functionality of Mind, Body, and Spirit Reflection

NURS 1287  Functionality of Mind, Body, and Spirit Reflection


NURS 1176, NURS 1187, and NURS 1195


NURS 1295 and NURS 1276


This course is restricted to students enrolled in the BScN-SPP program.


Twelve hours of instruction per week for three weeks; integrated with NURS 1276 and NURS 1295.




This course introduces the student to the reflective practice process and its application to their personal learning, the clinical setting and knowledge development. Students explore and question praxis from the perspective of Functionality of Mind, Body and Spirit and related concepts, as above. Specifically, students explore the questions ""What did I discover?"" and ""What is my focus for further discovery?

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