Nursing (NURS) - Experiential Integration Transformative Practicum

NURS 2495  Experiential Integration Transformative Practicum


NURS 2376, NURS 2395, and NURS 2387


NURS 2487 and NURS 2476


This course is restricted to students enrolled in the BScN-SPP program.


22.5 hours per week for 9 weeks in a new clinical setting from previously experienced and weekly reflective seminars as scheduled, equaling 202.5 total hours.




This course includes a general orientation to an alternative Academic Health Center's practice environment. The student applies knowledge and skills with clients, with the focus on providing health promotion, restoration and sustainability for individuals and families from the perspective of Generativity and Life, Functionality of Mind, Body and Spirit, Hope and Possibility and related concepts, as above.

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