Nursing (NURS) - Nursing Across the Lifespan 1

NURS 3017  Nursing Across the Lifespan 1


All NURS courses at the 2000 level in the on-campus BScN program with a minimum grade of 60% or SAT; or NURS 2517, NURS 2707, NURS 2047, NURS 2036, with a minimum grade of 60% or SAT, ACAD 1601 and enrolment in the on-campus RPN-BScN program.


NURS 2017, NSGD 2017


This course is restricted to students in the on-campus BScN program or the on-campus RPN-BScN program


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




Using a family–centered approach, students explore the core aspects of health promotion, health education and nursing care, as they relate to perinatal, neonatal, pediatric, and adolescent populations. Students explore care considerations for different client and care settings. Emphasis is placed on the nursing process, evidence-informed care, critical thinking, client-focused care, and cultural competency.

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