Physics (PHYS) - Introduction to Quantum Physics

PHYS 3006  Introduction to Quantum Physics


PHYS 2006, PHYS 2007, MATH 1046, and MATH 2076


Three hours of lecture per week for one term.




This is an introductory course in Quantum Physics. In this course, we briefly discuss the difficulties arising from the "old physics" and the historical development which led to a crisis in classical physics, and finally to the quantum revolution. We then develop the basic mathematical and conceptual tools to describe wave properties of matter including electron wave, particle properties of electromagnetic radiation, uncertainty principle, the properties of atoms and radiation from atoms, operators and eigenvalue equations, the Schroedinger Equation in one dimension, quantum mechanics of the hydrogen atom, angular momentum and spin, quantum mechanics of many electron systems, and basic ideas of electrons in solids and solid state physics.

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