History (HIST) - Gender in Canadian History

HIST 4385  Gender in Canadian History


Restricted to students in an Honours program with 84 credits completed.


HIST 4605 if taken in 2006-2007.


Three hours of seminar per week.




Stretching from the 17th to the late-twentieth century, this course examines the dynamics of gender in Canadian History. As a tool for historical inquiry, gender encourages us to consider how people conceptualized of and experienced femininity and masculinity in the past. In seminars we will consider how scholars have interpreted the field of gender history, examine the diversity of Canadian women's and men's experiences, and pay particular attention to the themes of race/ethnicity, employment, class, sexuality, citizenship, and the family. While engaging with these topics, this seminar also has skill-based outcomes. Students will, therefore, be conducting primary-source research, participate in debate and discussion, review historiography, and critiquing writing.

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