Gender Equality and Social Justice - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Analysis

INTD 2005  Introduction to Interdisciplinary Analysis


Any 18 credits completed.


UNIV 2005


Three hours of lecture per week.




Interdisciplinary analysis has emerged as a powerful critical and analytic tool for addressing complex problems such as climate change and global poverty. Taking interdisciplinary approaches, principles and methods as its topic, the course engages students through a single theme, such as DIRT or WATER. Students will also develop skills in lateral and collaborative thinking, both essential to innovative and creative problem solving. The course will be taught by a variety of professors across a range of disciplines, each of whom will approach the theme from their own disciplinary/interdisciplinary background. The topic and disciplines will change each time the course is offered. This course may be credited towards Gender Equality and Social Justice and Social Welfare and Social Development.

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