Registration - Graduate Students

Registration Status for Graduate Students

Graduate Students are referred to as full-time or flex-time on the basis of the program in which they are enrolled. Regardless of this classification, all students have access to university facilities and are expected to take part in the academic life of their program and the university. All graduate students are deemed to be full-time unless declared otherwise.

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Continuous Enrollment

Graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment in every Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer term until the completion of their program requirements. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are enrolled by the appropriate deadline for each term.  Students who have not registered in an academic course offering or placeholder course, been granted a Leave of Absence, completed their program requirements or voluntarily withdrawn from their program by the last date to register in a term will be billed a continuation fee for that term.

Students are considered enrolled for a term when they have paid all applicable tuition, continuation and incidental fees for the term.

Students who have failed to maintain continuous enrollment for at least one term, and have not been granted a Leave of Absence, will be withdrawn from their program.

Students wishing to complete their program after they have been withdrawn must apply for re-admission and pay the application fee. Students should be aware that readmission is not guaranteed, and, in the event of readmission, continuation of the same research project and/or supervisor cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, students may not be able to count previously earned graduate credits towards the completion of their degree.

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