Certificate in Environmental Management

Certificate in Environmental Management

Graduation Requirements:

This certificate is available to any graduating student who has otherwise met the requirements for the certificate. The certificate in Environmental Management will be awarded at the time of graduation.

Program Requirements:

This certificate provides students with a strong background in the basic premises, theories and practices associated with environmental management. It also provides students with an insight into the ways in which management can be employed to mitigate a wide range of environmental problems.

Students must complete nine credits from the following: 9 cr.
GEOG 4026 Political Ecology  
GEOG 4317 Issues in Global Economic Geography  
GEOG 4437 At Risk: The Geography of Environmental Hazards  
GEOG 4777 Water Governance  
GEOG 4807 Natural Resource Management  
Students must complete six credits from the following: 6 cr.
ANTH 3006 Anthropology of Development in the Canadian North  
ANTH 3027 Indigenous Peoples and the State  
ECON 3006 Environmental Economics  
ENSC 2007 Topics in Environmental Science II  
GEOG 3106 Impact Assessment for Resource Management  
GEOG 2226 Environment and Society  
GEOG 3126 Food and Agricultural Systems  
GEOG 3237 Global Environmental History  
GEOG 3436 Earth Resources  

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