PhD in Education

PhD in Education (Educational Sustainability)

Graduation Requirements:

To graduate with a PhD in Education students must:

  1. Satisfy all of the stated requirements for the 30-credit degree. Credit will not be granted for courses with a grade of less than 70 or “B”;
  2. Successfully complete the following 3-credit courses with a minimum grade of 70% in each course:
    1. EDUC 6116 Critical Conversations in Educational Research;
    2. EDUC 6117 Critical Conversations in Educational Theory;
    3. EDUC 6126 Doctoral Seminar;
  3. Participate in a summer institute residency program over two years (4 weeks each July) for required core courses (EDUC 6116EDUC 6117 in Year 1; EDUC 6126 in Year 2) held at the Nipissing University campus in North Bay;
  4. Successfully complete three 3-credit elective Phd or MEd/PhD courses from the current course listings as per availability throughout the calendar year;
  5. Successfully complete EDUC 6127 Comprehensive Exam (2 qualifying papers) (no credit value);
  6. Successfully complete EDUC 6999 Dissertation (Research Thesis Study) (12 credits) to the University’s standard;
  7. Successfully meet the degree requirements within six years of first registration.

Residency Requirements

Students enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Education must successfully complete at least 24 credits at Nipissing University.


Core courses will be available through the summer institutes on an annual basis. All elective courses will not necessarily be available on a yearly basis.

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