Major in Child and Family Studies

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements, which include regulations on first year and subject maximum and breadth requirements.

Program Requirements:

Students will need to achieve a minimum 60% average in the 36 credits presented for the Major in Child and Family Studies.

Students admitted to this program with advance standing from a related college diploma program , such as Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Worker, Social Services Worker, will be required to take 9 credits of: PSYC 1106 / PSYC 1107, SOCI 1016, and SWLF 1006.

Students must complete 36 credits in the Major as follows:
CHFS 1006 Introduction to Child and Family Studies 3 cr.
PSYC 1106 Introduction to Psychology I 3 cr.
PSYC 1107 Introduction to Psychology II 3 cr.
SOCI 1016 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
SWLF 1006 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Development 3 cr.
CHFS 2106 Human Development: Children and Youth 3 cr.
CHFS 2107 Human Development: Adults and Aging 3 cr.
CHFS 2206 Children, Families, and Social Justice 3 cr.
CHFS Upper level (including courses in Groups I and II) 12 cr.

Breadth Requirements and Electives:

ACAD 1601   3 cr.
Humanities   3 cr.
Science   6 cr.


Students may complete an Honours BA double major if they obtain an overall average of 70% in each Major, and complete an additional three credits (minimum) at the 4000 level in each Major. Please refer to the Degree Requirement section for further information.

Group Requirements:

Group 1 Human Development and Learning
CHFS 3017 Case Management in Social and Health Services  
CHFS 3036 Ethics and Proffessional Standards   
CHFS 3116 Autism Spectrum Disorders  
CHFS 3127 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders  
CHFS 3136 ABA I: Introduction to Behaviour Analysis   
CHFS 3137 ABA II: Advanced Topics in Applied Behaviour Analysis  
CHFS 4016  Program Evaluation and Clinical Outcomes Management  
CHFS 4017 Practicum: Applied Research and Evaluation  
CHFS 4106 Assessment and Intervention Planning  
CHFS 4205 Practicum in ABA-Lifespan  
CHFS 4206 Applied Developmental Neuropsychology  
CHFS 4305 Practicum in EIBI-ASD  
CHFS 4306 Special Topics: Human Development and Learning  
CHFS 4316 Fieldwork in ABA  
PSYC 2020 Developmental Psychology for Educators  
PSYC 3405 Psychology of Education  
PSYC 3626 Psychological Disorders in Children  
SOCI 2006 The Child and Society  
SOCI 2007 The Adolescent and Society  
SOCI 2036 Introduction to Social Gerontology  
SOCI 2037 Sociology of Family and Household Relationships  
SOCI 2091 Sociology for Educators I: Social Theory and Education  
SOCI 2092 Sociology for Educators II: Social Issues in Education  


Group 2 Child and Family Well-Being: Issues, Services, and Social Justice
CHFS 2216 Children’s Rights  
CHFS 2217 Selected Topics in Children’s Rights  
CHFS 3017 Case Management in Social and Health Services   
CHFS 3037 Multiculturalism, Race, and Childhood  
CHFS 3105 Child Welfare: Critical Reflections  
CHFS 3106 Youth and Social Justice   
CHFS 3206 Case Studies: Marginalized Groups of Children  
CHFS 3216 Caregivers and the Welfare of Children and Families  
GEND 2276 Kid Media  
SWLF 2006 Ideology and Social Welfare  
SWLF 2007 Poverty and Social Policy in Canada  
SWLF 3406 Colonialism in First Nations’ Communities  
SWLF 3407 Social Development in First Nations’ Communities  
SWLF 3446 Women and Social Welfare  
SWLF 3806 Family Violence  
SOCI 3186 Health and the Family  
SOCI 3506 Social Problems  
CHFS 4307 Special Topics: Social Justice  

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