Specialization in Religions and Cultures

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Arts (four-year) degree requirements, which include regulations on first year and subject maximum and breadth requirements.

Program Requirements:

Students will need to achieve a minimum 60% average in the 54 credits presented for the Specialization in Religions and Cultures.

Students must complete 120 credits including 54 credits in the Specialization as follows:
RLCT 1000 level   3 cr.
RLCT Group I   3 cr.
RLCT Group II   3 cr.
RLCT Group III   3 cr.
RLCT upper level   42 cr.

Breadth Requirements and Electives:

ACAD 1601   3 cr.
Social Science and/or Professional Studies 6 cr.
Science   6 cr.
Electives   51 cr.


A maximum of 18 credits of cross-listed courses may count toward a Specialization in Religions and Cultures.

Group Requirements:

Group I Social Justice, Gender, & the Environment

RLCT 2096 Religion, Colonialism and State Violence  
RLCT 2057  Peace and Non-Violence  
RLCT 2156  Religion, Justice and Animals  
RLCT 3066  Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice  
RLCT 3507  Religion and the Environment  
RLCT 3116  Women and Western Religions  
RLCT 3117  Gender, Sex, and the Bible  
RLCT 3026  Women and World Religions  

Group II Politics and Identity

RLCT 2026             The Roots of Evil  
RLCT 2046  Global Spiritualities: Religious Traditions in the Contemporary World  
RLCT 2056  Religion and Violence  
RLCT 2096  Religion, Colonialism and State Violence  
RLCT 2146  World Religions: Eastern Traditions  
RLCT 2166 Issues in Religion and Law  
RLCT 3046  Science vs. Religion?  
RLCT 3205  Philosophy of Sex and Love  
RLCT 3206  Theories of Religion  
RLCT 3216  Is God Dead? Faith in the Modern World  
RLCT 3226  Fanaticism  
RLCT 3506  Religions and Politics  

Group III Belief, Living Religion, and Texts

RLCT 2016        Practicing Religion: Rituals, Ceremonies and Celebrations  
RLCT 2017 Death and Immortality  
RLCT 2036 History of Christian Thought I  
RLCT 2037 History of Christian Thought II  
RLCT 2066 Death, Dying and Spirituality  
RLCT 2116 Health Healing and Religion  
RLCT 2117 Cults and New Religious Movements  
RLCT 2127 The Bible As Cultural Text  
RLCT 2126 Religious Themes in Literature  
RLCT 2136 Examining the Paranormal  
RLCT 2147 World Religions: Western Traditions  
RLCT 2206 Religion and Popular Culture  
RLCT 3307 Spiritual Journeys  

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