Bachelor of Social Work - International Social Work

SWRK 4456  International Social Work


SWRK 3505, SWRK 3216, SWRK 3406, SWRK 3305, SWRK 3506, SWRK 3806, SWRK 3316 and SWRK 3106


Available to students in the 4th year BSW program only.


Three hours per week for one term.




Students are introduced to international social work and the theories and perspectives that underpin practice in this context. Students analyze historical, environmental, cultural, religious, political and economic factors that impact social welfare systems and social work in different regions of the world. Students engage in critical thinking on global social issues such as the environment, poverty, child welfare, women’s health, refugees and war and conflict. Content on the local-global nexus is also addressed.

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